Superheroes is an entrepreneurship and leadership programme for 13-17 year old girls aiming to unlock their potential and develop their skills in different areas.

British Council Estonia has been supporting the programme since its inception and we have seen tens of girls grow into confident, forward-thinking future leaders of the world. The programme takes place over 4 months when around 50 girls from multicultural backgrounds across Estonia form teams of 5 and come up with a business plan or set to fix a problem in their community. With the help of professionals from different business areas the girls meet once every two weeks for a workshop and develop their projects, then, a jury chooses the winner at the end of the programme. 

A core group of girls – Big Sisters – has emerged from the participants of the past 2 years and these girls are now helping in organising the programme. Superheroes’ focus on growth and entrepreneurship gives the participants a taste of the start-up life and gives them a huge advantage when it comes to starting their careers.

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